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Ryan can't ramble...

Hi All! It's hard to believe that we are going on our second month of shut down, but here we are :( We hope you are all doing well, and staying safe and healthy, and we also hope you know how much we miss seeing your smiling faces!

We know how hard it is to find things to do to stay busy at home, so we are hoping you all might have a second to help us out.

As some of you know, this coming Saturday, May 9th would have been our 6th annual Ryan's Ramble, as well as our 1st Summer Concert of 2020 at Stormin Norman's Shipfaced Saloon.

Ryan's Ramble is our non-profit event that we put on in Memory of Ryan Holyk that, with Marissa's Lids for Kids, raises money for helmet safety and awareness and also for a scholarship for West Valley School District, called the Happy Llama Scholarship.

Since we know so well that people are finding themselves in such a hard time financially, we wouldn't dream of asking for donations at this time, so instead we wonder if you all would take a moment to post a comment of hope, happiness, positivity and light to help us all remember that we are in this together even tho we are apart, and also in memory of Ryan and Marissa.

Live Kind, and Be Happy and Thank you so much for being a part of our lives. Hang in there, and we will hopefully see you very soon!