Here we go again....

As I'm sure you have all heard, Inslee is cutting our hands off again. We can now only do patio service and to-go orders. It is so difficult to determine how to proceed in this situation, because the last time he closed us down, we barely had any to-go orders, and now it's damn freezing outside, who wants to hang out on the patio? This is what we've decided:

We are offering our full lunch and dinner menus, both on the patio and to-go. We are discontinuing breakfast for the time being. We can serve lunch, dinner, drinks and pulltabs on the patio, if you would like to brave it. We will be putting extra heaters, tents and blankets out on the patio to help make it more tolerable.

You can order to-go by calling us at


going to our website at and click "door dash"

or by going to the doordash app.

We WILL still be having Prime Rib Fridays (to go and patio) and Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners (to go and patio). We will start serving at 11 and go until we run out.

We are hoping to work together with you and make adjustments as needed.

Thank you guys for showing us so much support this last weekend and going forward.

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